About Me

Hi, I'm Sandra a Mum lucky enough to have five amazing children ..... one intended hospital birth, a very special baby and four home births, two of which I free birthed unintentionally; unfortunately followed by miscarriage. I'm lucky in so far as I had/have a strong belief in my ability to birth .......

I remember when pregnant with my first thinking how hard can it be to birth a baby; women in Africa work in the fields have their baby and carry on working almost without stopping, simple. Also why do I need a medical team when I wasn't sick and my body was made to birth babies. I quickly worked out birth takes a lot of energy, so time out after is pretty essential to recoup and enjoy your new baby; those women in Africa are pretty amazing and I'm not so sure it happens quite like that either.

My children have taught me so much, not just about birth but about love, life and so much more; I have a lot to thank them for.

When did I first become interested in birth; I think when my Mum had my youngest brother I was 13.  I loved watching my Mums bump grow, the preparations and having a baby brother ....  I learnt lots about pregnancy and babies. My Mum then child minded .... more babies from a variety of backgrounds.

When I left school I trained to be a nursery nurse working with a variety of children (both able bodied and special) in London day nurseries and ending up, you got it, working with babies. I longed to have my own, now married, we moved to Cornwall to where I live now in the beautiful Cornish countryside. I love it. Eventually I fell pregnant.

Little did I know even with my background that my Precious baby would fill my life in so many ways ..... I gave talks to students about what it was like to have carry and have a special baby. My family grew, my last with a different partner which made me realise how important it is to have positive support for the birth.



I discovered doulas .....  I knew the vocation had to exist. That was it, what I was looking for, to support Mums, Dads (partners) and sometimes siblings through pregnancy, a positive birth and those precious early days. I passionately believe that all women are able to birth and care for their baby/s intuitively in a way which is right for them.

I have completed two doula training courses (basic and advanced) with Kate Woods from Conscious Birthing. 

Birth is such an amazing part of life and each birth is unique and precious. 

Besides birth, I am a down to earth home ed Mum and value the time I spend with my children, partner, my family and good friends. I like getting out and doing simple things like beach barbecues, watching the sea and walking.




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