I hope to support mums through pregnancy, a positive birth and those precious early days on their own unique journey, a huge event in every parents life. I believe if you can listen to your body and your baby's you intuitively know how to birth and care for your baby and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

So I like to encourage Mums (and their partners) to make intuitive and/or informed decisions that you feel are right for you. This is a human right, after all it is your body. I am willing to share my knowledge as it is relevant and find answers for those questions I don't know the answers to, after all there is always more to learn.  

There are many ways to give birth ...... induced, caesarean, naturally and assisted, then there is your surroundings, the list goes on and with so many choices it can be mind boggling. I therefore like to build up a relationship with you as doing what is right for you is really important.

I passionately believe that most Mums if they want to can give birth naturally with a minimum of intervention if they are given the support the opportunity and a safe place, wherever that may be ... at home, hospital, a birth centre or somewhere else.  Though I also understand there are circumstances where this isn't possible and/or isn't Mums choice.

I am especially interested in Mums with special (disabled) babies; being pregnant with a special baby adds further to the emotional roller coaster with the people around you often having little understanding of what you are going through, so unable to provide the support you need.

I have special interest in natural birth, aromatherapy, homoeopathy and rebozo.

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