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What having a doula means


I will listen to you non judgementally, I am freelance so I am not having to listen anyone but you. I offer continuity of care, reassurance and practical support in a loving, sensitive and nurturing way.


I can NOT give you       

            Medical advice/diagnosis

            Medical treatment/drugs

            or attend your birth without a medic present 

I will get to know you, your partner and your family; chat with you about your options and what you want/need from me. I am with you solely, for you, to empower you to deliver and nurture your baby as it feels right for you in a caring and gentle way.


Initially we can meet up and decide if you would like to me to support you on this special journey ... this is free.


I can then be flexible but generally like to do as follows, but can tailor what I do to meet your specific needs. 
  • To have two prenatal visits 1-2 hours long. If you deliver early we can add a postnatal visit.
  • Be on call 24/7 for you from 38 to 42 weeks to attend the birth. You can call me any time during this period, if you feel the need. I will support your through your birth.
  • Followed by two postnatal visits, 1-2 hours long.


Please contact me for more details and my rates. Contact me

I am also available for postnatal support, where I can help with housework, light jobs, childcare of siblings and looking after baby while supporting you. 


I am open to any ideas around birth, the choices are all yours within reason.


 I have knowledge of:        
                        Special babies and pregnancies 
                        Natural birth
                        Water Births 
                        Birth balls
                        Delayed cord clamping
                        Turning a baby
                        Birthing positions
                        Placenta uses
                        Complimentary therapies
                        Blessing ways
                        And more
The list is endless.


Research carried out shows shows having a doula has a positive impact on both mother and baby.





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